The Brewer Cowls team is often asked about wind noise issues in the chimney, and how to stop it. We have to agree that this is one of the most frustrating issues that can be caused by an open chimney, particularly when the weather outside is cold, windy, and unpleasant.

What Causes Chimney Wind Noise

A  chimney is great at transporting noise. The hollow interior provides the perfect noise-tunnel from outside to into the home. Whether or not you live in a particularly windy area or not, chances are that at some point you will hear the howling of the wind as it enters your chimney and travels into your home.

Chimney noise is mostly caused when wind blows over the top of a chimney flue or pot which does not have a chimney cowl fitted. A noisy chimney can also be caused by a damaged chimney cowl or birdguard being in position.

So, what can you do to prevent noise caused by wind in the chimney?

Begin by figuring out exactly what is causing the noise. Though you are sure it is wind causing the issue, there are actually a couple of reasons why your chimney may be producing more wind noise than usual.

  • Stack Effect. If your home has a higher chimney, the airflow increases if the temperature outside is cold and warm inside. So, on those evenings when the heating is switched on because it is cold (and more than likely windy, too!) there will be an increased amount of air travelling up the chimney.
  • Rural Locations. For some, living in rural locations is the perfect place to be. But, if your home sits alone and away from neighbouring properties then chances are any wind noises will be exaggerated because the wind has fewer obstacles to break its impact. 

Another chimney noise issue that is often described as a ‘loud banging noise’ from the chimney can be caused if a chimney cowl becomes loose in high winds. Brewer Cowl advises that in these cases you never ignore this noise, and call out a fully qualified fitter to investigate. Often in these instances, purchasing a new chimney cowl is the best option.

Chimney Cowls to Prevent Wind Noise

Chimney cowls offer a number of features to aid your chimney’s performance. One of them – the anti downdraught cowl can help provide a solution to preventing wind entering the chimney.

In particular the Lobster Back chimney cowls can help here, as they turn to have their back to the wind. Likewise, the spinning or rotating cowl could help prevent wind. Unfortunately, as each home and chimney is different, it could take you a few attempts to figure out which cowl is the most suitable for your chimney.   

There are a variety of anti-downdraught chimney cowls available for different chimneys. These include the Windmaster which comes in different sizes between 100 – 300mm. As this type of chimney cowl prevents downdraught, it is also useful for homes with wood burning stoves to stop smoke from blowing back down the chimney and into the home.

Another type of chimney product to help prevent noise caused by wind is the chimney balloon, which can be inflated inside your chimney to block the wind from travelling down the chimney shaft. A chimney balloon is also particularly useful if you are experiencing a cold draught from the chimney and slight noise issues from the wind.  Many of our customers use chimney balloons in the summer months when the fireplace is not in use as a chimney balloon must not be used if you require the use of your chimney. 

Brewer Cowls always recommends following the manufacturers instructions and to always remove a chimney ballon before lighting a fire.

Chimney Cowl Accessories to Reduce Noise

Perhaps you would prefer to add an accessory to your current chimney cowl to help reduce the noise. Brewer Cowls stocks the Peacemaker – a special noise reducing mat – to be placed on the top of your existing chimney cowl.

The Peacemaker may not reduce the noise of your chimney, but can help tackle annoying sounds caused from rain and birds that have landed on the metal cowl.

Noise Reducing Chimney Cowls

A chimney is a welcome addition to many modern and traditional homes and the key to getting the most out of this character feature is by using the correct products to solve any issues, such as wind noise. The Brewer Cowls team are happy to help talk through the issues you are experiencing with your chimney and offer expert advice as to which chimney cowl, balloon, or other specialist chimney product you require to keep your home, and chimney, happy.

Why not try our useful Chimney Cowl finder to help narrow down your search.