When it comes to choosing the correct cowl or terminal for the job, we here at Brewer Metalcraft cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of getting it right first time. There can be serious issues if this is not the case in terms of health, financial, and possibly even legal consequences.

First of all it is important to note the difference between gas systems and solid fuel systems. One of the key issues is that the pollutants given off by a solid fuel system contain larger particles compared to gas systems and so with units such as birdguards which have a mesh component there are differences.

Gas terminals often have smaller outlet apertures compared to similar solid fuel terminals. This is to prevent the entry of debris or even small birds into the system, potentially causing a blockage. A blockage with a gas system can lead to a leak or even an explosion that may result in tragedy.

For solid fuel (coal, wood) the mesh is recommended to have apertures of at least 25mm by 25mm in size. Otherwise the unit could become clogged up after a period of time causing a less efficient outflow of smoke and fumes possibly endangering your family’s health.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a cowl is that solid fuel, when burnt, will give off more corrosive pollutants than gas systems. Solid fuel systems will also generally reach higher temperatures and so Brewer will always recommend using the stainless steel versions of our products with solid fuel systems to increase longevity and overall customer satisfaction.

To reiterate the importance of choosing the correct cowl, potential health and safety issues must also be explored. An incorrect style of cowl being placed over the exit of the system may lead to smoke and fumes not being ventilated efficiently, especially if a chimney becomes blocked. Although smoke is certainly harmful to people, there is another pollutant given off that is much worse. The real threat comes from Carbon Monoxide (CO). CO is an invisible, unscented, and tasteless gas given off by inefficient burning of fuel where essentially there is not enough oxygen in the air and so instead of carbon dioxide, the result is the much more deadly carbon monoxide. On average 4,000 people per year are admitted to hospital with CO poisoning and another 50 cases result in death. Currently around 100,000 people in the UK are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning without realising what their symptoms mean. Such symptoms include:

Chest/Stomach pains
Blurred Vision
Confusion and clumsiness

Continued exposure or exposure to high levels even for a few short minutes can lead to a stroke or brain damage.

Fortunately, at Brewer, all of our products are compliance tested with current regulations where relevant. With a knowledgeable workforce, you can feel confident that the advice offered will be accurate and will ensure that you receive the correct cowl or terminal for the job.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01243 539639 to receive helpful advice and information.