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Chimney Liner Terminal Clamp (Pothanger)


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The Brewer PH1 pothanger is a simple solution to terminate a flexible flue liner where more specialised terminals are not required.

Made out of stainless steel and available in 5 sizes between 100mm and 200mm.

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The Chimney Liner Terminal (Clamp Model) is produced in the UK in our factory from stainless steel.

What is it for?

For terminating flexible flue liners above the chimney pot, the Chimney Liner Terminal (Clamp Model) is a simple pothanger that provides a safe and cheaper means to terminate your liner where other more specialised terminals are not required.

For gas systems, an additional terminal with gas rated mesh must be added in order to comply with current regulations in the industry.

What sizes & options are available?

The Chimney Liner Terminal (Clamp Model) comes in 5 standard sizes of 100mm (4"), 125mm (5”), 150mm (6”), 175mm (7”), and 200mm (8”).

The Chimney Liner Terminal (Clamp Model) is available in stainless steel.

How do I fit one?

The hanger is attached with the use of 3 screws that screw into the sides of the flue. It is then securely fixed to the pot by external legs and a stainless steel strap.

What if it won't fit?

As manufacturers in the UK, different sizes of the Chimney Liner Terminal (Clamp Model) are available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to receive advice on what you require!

Important Note

We advise that your chimney or flue is inspected and swept by a qualified chimney sweep before fitting a chimney cowl or terminal. We also recommend using a professional to specify the correct product for your fuel, chimney system, size and needs. If you require any help or advice please call us on 01243 539639.

We cannot take responsibility for any terminal or cowl that has not been specified or fitted by a professional and is not suitable for your application.