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KW Chimney Fan

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KW Chimney Fan

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Chimney fans are a reliable option when trying to prevent downdraught issues. There are multiple options available to suit individual customers’ needs. Please contact our technical department for information and advice.

Please take note that Brewer Cowls only recommend this product as a last resort and would suggest trying some of our rotating antidowndraught cowls such as the Aspirotor before committing to the expense of a chimney fan. 
















The Injekt and Diajekt Chimney Fans are manufactured By Kutzner + Weber in Europe.

What is it for?

The Injekt and Diajekt Chimney Fans are ideal for resolving draught problems in the chimney.

When the natural draught is too weak, the chimney fans ensure a reliable and optimal draught in the chimney, allowing it to operate more effectively and safely, while also decreasing emissions.

Both chimney fans can be turned off or manually controlled using the Controller (sold separately); this allows the necessary draught to be created only when required, and therefore also saves electric energy.

What sizes & options are available?

Both the Injekt, and the Diajekt fans come in multiple sizes and finishes.

Flue Adaptors and Square Flue Adaptors can be purchased as add-ons in order for the chimney fan to fit your chimney securely.

Controllers and Isolation Switches are also available in order to have more control on your chimney fan.

How do I fit one?

Step-by-step instructions are provided with the product to ensure correct installation, however if you experience any problems please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

How do I order one?

Please give us a call or email us to discuss the unit you are interested in and the accessories you require.

Delivery time is usually within 7 to 10 working days.

Important Note

We advise that your chimney or flue is inspected and swept by a qualified chimney sweep before fitting a chimney cowl or terminal. We also recommend using a professional to specify the correct product for your fuel, chimney system, size and needs. If you require any help or advice please call us on 01243 539639.

We cannot take responsibility for any terminal or cowl that has not been specified or fitted by a professional and is not suitable for your application.