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Brewer Solid Fuel Birdguard (Square)

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The Brewer Birdguard is designed to prevent birds and debris from entering your chimney. It achieves this with the use of a wired mesh designed to prevent unwanted entry into your system whilst also allowing smoke and fumes to be exhausted efficiently. Fitted with an integral rain hat, it has the added advantage of minimising rain entry helping to prevent internal structural decay.

Available in either aluminium or stainless steel for greater longevity, the Brewer birdguard has deservedly become one of our most popular units over the years. 

Stainless steel strap and fitting instructions included.


  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel +£35.15


  • Stainless Steel (Unpainted)
  • Aluminium (Unpainted)
  • Terracotta +£9.45
  • Black +£9.45
  • Buff +£9.45

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The Brewer Square Solid Fuel Birdguard is made in our own factory here in England from either aluminium or stainless steel and then powder coated if required. We recommend the stainless steel version for solid fuel systems especially when burning coals and smokeless fuels which are more corrosive than other fuel types.

What is it for?

For use with either disused (redundant) or live solid fuel systems (including wood, coal, and oil) the Square Solid Fuel Birdguard can be a great option. If you have a problem with large birds or squirrels trying to make a home in your chimney then the Square Solid Fuel Birdguard is an excellent choice of defence. The Brewer design also includes the addition of a rain hat to help prevent rainfall from entering your chimney. We also offer the Brewer Square Gas Birdguard for use with gas systems.

What sizes & options are available?

A Square Solid Fuel Birdguard will fit onto a square chimney pot with an internal measurement of 150mm to 250mm (6" to 10").

The Square Solid Fuel Birdguard is made from either aluminium or stainless steel and can be either natural (unpainted) or painted terracotta, buff or black.

How do I fit one?

The Brewer Birdguard is fitted to the chimney pot via the use of a simple and secure leg and stainless steel strap system.

What if it won't fit?

If you have a round chimney pot then take a look at our Brewer Round Solid Fuel Birdguard. Otherwise special variations of the Brewer Square Solid Fuel Birdguard are available upon request. These can include adaptations for different sizes, crown pots, bishop pots and even a sleeved model for when there is no pot at all. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to receive advice on what you require!

** Please note, chimney pots are not included.

Important Note

We advise that your chimney or flue is inspected and swept by a qualified chimney sweep before fitting a chimney cowl or terminal. We also recommend using a professional to specify the correct product for your fuel, chimney system, size and needs. If you require any help or advice please call us on 01243 539639.

We cannot take responsibility for any terminal or cowl that has not been specified or fitted by a professional and is not suitable for your application.