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Inflatable Chimney Balloon

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Banish cold draughts or prevent heat disappearing up the chimney with the Inflatable Chimney Balloon.

Whether you have a disused chimney or simply need to prevent draughts during the summer months this re-usable product easily fits into place inside the chimney after inflation.

Please see description below for available sizes. 

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These are made in England from flexible, triple laminated plastic.

What is it for?

If you have a chimney which is disused, or only used very occasionally, a Chimney Balloon is an easy to fit solution. By ‘plugging’ the chimney at the fireplace end, draughts and cold air caused by the suction effect of the chimney are greatly reduced. The shape of the design means that when correctly fitted nominal ventilation is still present allowing the chimney to breathe.

Caution – Fires lit while product is still inside the flue will melt the balloon.

What sizes & options are available?

A Chimney Balloon will fit into the throat of a chimney with internal dimensions between 15” by 9” right up to internal dimensions 36” by 15 “. These dimensions should be carefully measured about a foot above the fireplace opening. If in doubt then the size slightly larger is the correct one to order.

A chimney balloon is available in three sizes – Small (15” by 9”), Medium (24” by 12“), & Large (36” by 15”).

How do I fit one?

It is fitted by manually inserting into the chimney about a foot above the fireplace opening. The Chimney Balloon is then inflated using either an Inflation Tube, an electric pump or manual pump (detailed instructions are provided). The chimney balloon can be removed carefully and re-used if a fire is to be lit.

What if it won't fit?

We are sorry but Chimney Balloons are only available in the sizes mentioned above. However we have a range of Birdguards and Chimney cappers that protect your unused chimney. Have at a look at our other products or call or email us for advice.   

Important Note

We advise that your chimney or flue is inspected and swept by a qualified chimney sweep before fitting a chimney cowl or terminal. We also recommend using a professional to specify the correct product for your fuel, chimney system, size and needs. If you require any help or advice please call us on 01243 539639.

We cannot take responsibility for any terminal or cowl that has not been specified or fitted by a professional and is not suitable for your application.